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Is Anthony Morrison a Scam ? Let’s Find Out..

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Who is Anthony Morrison ?

You must recognise him from a late night T.V infomercial, pitching his books and seminar events. He is one of internet marketing “So Called Guru”. According to his website, he is a “self taught internet mogul” and he was just 21 when he first launched his first business back in 2005. we wouldn’t completely call it a rags to riches story but it is evident that Anthony Morrison did make most of his money at least in the beginning from using the skill he teach, not just on training products themselves like a lot of people try to do.

What is this book about ? : Advertising Profits From Home

So, we did buy his book and got a call from his office.   In this particular book he focuses on internet marketing and offers people the chance to become an affiliate.

(Side Note: Very few people know that he also wrote another book : The Hidden Millionaire)










So we did buy Anthony Morrison’s book and the “Advertising Profits From Home,” program. After a few days, we got a call from Anthony’s office and the conversation lasted for about 45 minutes. Although the book costs only $19.95 but during the entire conversation they tried to upsell many products. There are people that posted online that after they purchased their book online from Anthony Morrison’s web site, that they repeated received calls asking them to purchase mentoring and coaching services for a significant fee.

We have been in this field for many years now and we recommend that if you are starting out new then DO NOT spend anything which has a price tag of $4500 (yes, that’s the price of one of Anthony Morrison’s coaching session). Don’t get us wrong, you cannot put a price on the right mentoring and coaching. But the approach they use does seem a little bit too much. There is no need to pressure or harass. It is much better to demonstrate the value in your coaching abilities, so when the student is ready, they will beat down your door.

Why So Many Negative Reviews ?

We see many negative reviews about Anthony Morrison and it is usually because someone jumps too soon and gives a bad review without researching.Most of the complaints for Anthony Morrison‘s Advertising Profits from Home system seem to stem from their billing practices and refund policies.  Before buying or returning APFH make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions found on their sales page.


Personally, I think there may be some other books that might teach the same thing with more content, depth and readability, but overall, its not a bad book. It does deliver on the knowledge it promises. But you need to do most of the work to take it to the next level and implement what you learned. If you’re wondering whether or not Anthony Morrison is for you, I would advise starting out with a book rather than a seminar – $19.95 seems far more reasonable than $3,995.00.

Those newer to the online world can get easily overwhelmed. For our taste, we like simple programs which are risk free, low cost, offer refund policy. We also like programs that accept Paypal as payment processor.  We Do NOT recommend selling to friends and family.

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