Pure Leverage – Scam or Not ?


Company : Pure Leverage

  • Location : Texas,USA
  • Founder : Joel Therien (Yes founder of another reputed company GVO)
  • Newbie Friendly Scale : 7.5/10

We’ve been watching GVO for several years now. The founder of both GVO and Pure leverage, Joel Therien, is a man with a very large vision. If you’re unfamiliar with GVO, it’s a suite of valuable business services created specifically as an aid to Internet and Network Marketers to give them that online boost in traffic and conversions. Joel topped everyone when he launched GVO. We would not miss launch of his new product. But is it as good as GVO ? To find out we went ahead and joined his new program. Here is our honest review about it :

What Is Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage is a marketing suite designed to provide internet marketers new or old to succeed online by providing ALL of the tools that you would need for success. What exactly are these tools ? There are two levels of membership – Level I and Level -II

Here is the breakdown of Level I Products:

1. – All Set Up Authority Blog System (Which at the time of writing this review- 14April’13 is not ready yet)

2. – Total Lead Capture System (generic and for pure leverage)

3. – Above integrated with a Full Autoresponder

4. – Video Hosting – Player/Streaming/Conversion Service

5. – Video Email Service

6. – Webinar Conference Room

Above will retail for $24.95/month (paying out 100% Commission)

Level II Product – PureLeverage Training

  • Weekly Training and interviews with todays Industry Leaders
  • Next level instruction and motivation on using the Internet
  • Plus much much more…

Above will retail for $97/month (paying out 100% Commission )

After the launch is over ,Joel plan to add other One Time Products and training down the road.

Level III – $500

Level IV – $1000

Level V – $2500

We personally don’t like such high prices. You should not buy anything that is above $100/m for a home business. Seriously ! We teach our members the same. In fact the program which we recommend is only 9.95/m

So, What’s This About Earning 100% Commissions With Pure Leverage?

They pay 100% commissions in total to affiliates but there is a catch. It is only for first month. The Following months, you earn 50% commissions, but you also earn 50% MATCHING bonus from all your DIRECT referrals. (Is it correct to say 100% ?)

Just like Empower Network, if affiliate has not purchased the specific Pure Leverage Products the commission passes UP to the next level affiliate in line that does!

Apart from that there is an affiliate fee of 19/m. Why do these comapnies keep affiliate fee. Are they justified. In our opinion they are justified because Pure Leverage pays out 100% commissions back to affiliates, there needs to be a small percentage of money going back to the company. It should not be as high as 19/m. A one time fee or monthly $10 is enough.


Pure Leverage is a business worth investing in because of the money that you can easily earn. But Do not promote it because they are paying 100% commissions (We hate that people are madly promoting Empower network without even trying the products just because they are paid higher commissions.) We believe in integrity and quality products.

Based on our previous experience, Joel Therien products are extremely good and he always add value to his program. Pure leverage is still in its launch and it’s fate will be decided after a few months. Till then we would recommend you try the already tested and proven home business by Joel which is GVO (Read our review here)


Like any other business, your results depend on your individual efforts. It does require knowledge and a lot of trial and error to be successful.

For our taste, we like simple programs where you just need to focus on advertising and generating traffic. No need to bug friends and family.


After testing and reviewing hundreds of Different Business Opportunities and Money Making Programs, Only One worked well so the average person could see results. Click Here to goto the Website

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